Birmingham City school year extended to make up missed weather days

Summer break will start later for Birmingham City school students, thanks to winter weather.{}

Instead of{}ending the 2013-2014 school year on Thursday, May 29th, students will now dismiss on Monday, June 2nd, adding two days to the end of the year.{} Teachers' last day is set for Tuesday, June 3rd.

Also, April 18th will now be a full school day.{} The system{}had planned a district-wide early dismissal.{}

The added days{}mean students{}will make up 2.5 of 6{}days missed because of winter weather in late January and early February.{} Superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon said the state will{}request a waiver from the State Department of Education for the additional 3.5 days.{} "Six days represent a huge amount of lost instructional time," said Witherspoon.{}

"Through the year, we stress the impact that attendance has on student achievement, and we owe it to our students to give them back some of that time," he added.

Birmingham Board of Education president Randall Woodfin confirmed to ABC 33/40 early Thursday morning that{}notification went out to faculty, staff and teachers Wednesday.{} The revised school calendar was posted{}on the district's website Thursday morning.

*Updated at 11:40a.m. with comments from Superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon