Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to Offer "Teaching 1963" Workshop

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute will offer a "Teaching 1963" workshop Saturday, March 9th from 9 am - 1:30 PM.{} The workshop is free, and will highlight resources available to teachers on how to incorporate the civil rights movement of 1963 into their classroom.

"1963 Birmingham isa integral part{}of the{}American Civil Rights Movement," stated Ah madWard, BCRI Head of Education and Exhibitions.{}" It is our goal to equip as many teachers as we can with theappropriate tools and information to ensure that their students understand itsimportance and impact."

{}In the workshop, participants will discuss the historical events that led up to the 1963 civil rights movement.{} The workshop will share curriculum content that correlates with teaching standards.{} It will feature content from the Children's Crusade, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," and the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing.

To register, contact the BCRI at (@05) 328-9696, ext. 228, or e-mail Kendall Chew at