Birmingham Council argues over financing for Honda Indy Grand Prix

Birmingham city leaders can all agree next month's Honda Indy Grand Prix is a big benefit to the Magic City financially and publicly. But that's where the agreement ends.{}

A big argument between the Mayor and Council - threatens to put the brakes on cash for the big event. This morning, they tried to approve funding for a four year deal and ended up killing it.{}Birmingham Mayor William Bell is requesting a four year contract for the event locking the city into four payments of $300,000 - but Council President Roderick Royal says the council should continue looking at the event year by year - instead of locking into a long term agreement. "Quite frankly, the Mayor killed it," Roderick Royal, Birmingham City Council President said. "He had a perfect opportunity to say yes I authorize the clerk to place an item on and fund it for this year. That would have given the Council enough time to talk about the funding for the next four years which was a new contract."When asked about the contract - mayor bell replied, "no response." The race draws 85,000 people to the Magic City each year and translates into $33 million in spending at hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers.