Birmingham Councilor named to statewide committee

Birmingham City Councilwoman Kim Rafferty has been named to a statewide committee.

Rafferty{}has been appointed to the Alabama League of Municipalities Committee on Transportation, Public Safety and Communication.

The TPSC Committee develops policy on transportation, public works and other public safety issues.

The Alabama League of Municipalities is a nonpartisan association of more than 400 cities.

In a press release, Rafferty says "in working the last four years to help our transit system get back on its feet and move forward, this is a great step in further empowering Birmingham's voice by partnering with other municipalities in affecting change on the state and federal level especially when it comes to public transportation."

Councilor Rafferty is scheduled to begin serving on the committee{}in September. She tells ABC 33/40 she can only serve if she is re-elected.