Birmingham family loses home to fire

Heather Bowman and her two children rushed out of their Division Avenue home Thursday afternoon as fire and flames erupted all around them.

"The fire got out of control and everything we had burned up." Bowman said with tears in her eyes.Bowman and her partner, Derrick Parnell, said that their eldest son was playing with a lighter in a front room of the house when the fire started. {}The little boy ran towards his mother, who was in another section of the home, screaming while the flames intensified, eventually getting out of control. {}Bowman grabbed the kids and ran as fast as she could for safety."I try to keep all of my lighters and stuff put up but I don't know where they got the lighters from." Bowman said.Bowman and her children managed to escape the fire unharmed, but the family believes six of its cats perished in the fire. Meanwhile, Parnell learned of the incident while he was at work.{}{}"It is a tragic mistake that it did happen. " Parnell said.


The family lost all of their possessions, if you would like to help contact the Red Cross.{}