Birmingham father coping with Sickle Cell Disease

A disease that affects around 100-thousand people in the U.S. is taking its toll on a Birmingham father of three.

Sunday night, there was a fundraiser downtown to help 36-year-old Peter Hall Junior raise money to make his house handicap accessible."The things that make you not perfect, make you perfect." 36-year-old Peter Hall Junior tries to stay up beat, although it's not always easy. "You have good days, you have bad days. Unfortunately some days are more extreme than others."Hall has Sickle Cell Disease. He's suffered several strokes and has gone through two hip surgeries.{} "When I'm not getting circulation, you get fever or start swelling or start getting lackadaisical, everything starts getting aggravated."The blood disease which affects millions in the world, primarily African Americans..{} has forced Hall to move in with his parents. He can no longer function in his own house.That's why his sister Tina Kay, who also suffers from Sickle Cell, arranged this party with a purpose. It's raising money fix his house so he can function. Hall says, "Not being able to pay for things I know need to be done, that's almost discouraging."Kay says many people don't understand how painful Sickle Cell can be... and hopes to educate more about it. "People don't understand the pain we go through, it's like broken glass traveling through the blood veins and there is no cure."The family is hoping to raise at least 25,000 dollars for Hall.

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