Firefighters worked a huge fire near 20th Street South

Birmingham Fire Department responds to fire near UAB (

A{}massive fire is out in the{}Five Points South area. The flames were clearly visible, blocks away from our ABC 3340 skycam.

An abandoned building caught fire near the{}UAB campus right next door to the{}UAB 1917 clinic. Flames are out, but plenty of firefighters are still on the scene here looking for hot spots. The fire started around seven p.m. This fire was so big.. you could see smoke and flames from Interstate 65.

A fire chief on scene says one person was injured and taken to the hospital. But they're still trying to determine how the fire started. The director of the clinic, Dr. Jim Raper, says he and a few other people were working late when smoke detectors started going off.{}UAB does not own the abandoned structure that burned. In fact, Mayor Bell said the building was under review to be condemned. It's been vacant for years. Dr. Raper says recently some homeless people have been going inside. As for this evening, Dr. Raper says everyone inside the clinic evacuated pretty quickly.

Dr. Jim Raper says "When the burning structure started to fall a part the North Wall of the building fell into the clinic. I don't know what structural damage might be to the clinic itself. I don't know what structural damage might be to the clinic, we'll have to wait until the morning.

There are still streets on the Southside blocked off near the clinic. Firefighters are expected to be out{}at the scene{}until daylight monitoring the situation.




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