Birmingham leaders review preps for Winter gridlock

A day after one of the biggest winter gridlocks to paralyze the Birmingham area, city leaders are reviewing their plan of action.Birmingham Mayor William Bell announced Wednesday, in a news conference, that the city did its best considering the unexpected situation but improvements can be made. He gave a few examples, including, next time, considering staggering the release of schools and businesses to avoid congestion on roadways as well as finding better ways to communicate road condition information to the public.But Bell admitted some things you can't avoid."I am going to try and find a crystal ball to learn how to predict the weather in the future so we'll have extra value to our ability to know what's going on," Bell said.{}In an interview, Bell told ABC 33/40 Alabama Governor Robert Bentley planned to send help to Birmingham but most storm-related help was targeted to south Alabama where worst weather conditions were initially predicted. ABC 33/40 has since captured Alabama National Guardsmen throughout the city limits.{}Birmingham Police have been working with Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies to transport blood and medicine to people in need. Birmingham Police are only responding to major emergencies and accidents at this time. However, officers continue to rescue stranded drivers.The Boutwell Auditorium will stay open as warming station Wednesday night.