Birmingham leaders to vote on new Magic City Classic contract

The annual Magic City Classic kicks off Saturday at Legion Field in Birmingham.The event draws thousands to Birmingham, and has made as much as $20 million in economic impact in{} a single year. The popular mainstay is one city leaders hope to continue. In fact, city councilors are expected to vote Tuesday on a renewed five-year contract to host the Magic City Classic.Below is the agenda item:"On behalf of the City, a license agreement for Legion Field between the City of Birmingham, the Alabama Sports Foundation, Alabama State University (ASU), Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (AAMU), and the Birmingham Park and Recreation Board, for the staging of Magic City Classic football games between ASU and AAMU for a term of five (5) years (2014-2018) with the City providing the following financial support to ASU and AAMU: Year (2014) $292,500.00, Year (2015) $310,000.00, Year (2016) $327,500.00, Year (2017) $345,000.00, and Year (2018) $362,500.00, with the option to extend the term for two (2) additional five (5) year periods. Appropriated for in FY2013-2014 Budget] (Submitted by the Mayor) (Recommended by the Purchasing Agent and the Acting City Attorney)"For more information, visit