Birmingham man arrested for kidnapping and assault

Jefferson County deputies have charged 28-year-old Raphael Roman with kidnapping, assault and attempting to elude.

Investigators say just after midnight, deputies were called to reports of multiple gunshots being fired around Candy Mountain Apartments off Carson Road. Deputies arrived and found Roman walking near a building. They approached him and asked about the shots being fired. When they asked him if he was armed, he ran and dropped a handgun. Deputies caught up to him after a foot pursuit. Roman told deputies he had been shot in the leg by a man in the woods. Paramedics were called to treat him.

As this was happening, another caller reported{} a prowler near another building in the apartment complex. Deputies made contact with a 24-year-old Tarrant man who was bleeding from the head. He told deputies he had been with Roman at a mutual friend's house in north Birmingham when Roman asked for a ride to a nearby convenience store. On the way to the store, investigators say the man told them Roman pulled a gun on him and demanded money and heroin. He told him that he had neither. The man told deputies Roman struck in the head with the pistol and made him remove his pants before forcing him into the trunk of the car. After being in the trunk, the car stopped and he was able to escape. The man realized he was at the Candy Mountain apartments and went knocking on doors for help. Deputies say Roman was treated at the hospital for the wound to his leg, then transferred to the Jefferson county Jail. During questioning, deputies say he told detectives he had accidentally shot himself.