Birmingham man arrested after threatening to kill President Obama

Jarvis M. Britton of Birmingham is{}currently in the custody of{}U.S. Marshal's after sending a series of tweets threatening to kill President Barack Obama.

According to court documents filed Friday, Britton sent tweets on June 28{}saying, "Free Speech? Really? Let's test this! Let's kill the president!" and "I'm going{}to finish this, if they get me, they get me! #ohwell I think we could get the president with cyanide. #MakeItSlow."

A day later, the same document says Britton tweeted again- "Barack Obama, I wish you were DEAD!."

Special Agent Phillip Holly met with Britton a few days later and explained "the seriousness of the matter." But according to the same agent, another tweet was sent on September 14 saying, "Let's kill the president. F.E.A.R."

Britton currently being held in the Jefferson County jail. He will make his preliminary court appearance Wednesday.