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      Birmingham man dies in house fire sparked by space heater

      Birmingham firefighters say space heaters sparked a house fire Wednesday afternoon. A man's body was found inside the house. Family identified him as Charles Bray, Junior.

      Lt. Bryan Harrell of Birmingham Fire and Rescue{}says space heaters are to blame for a fatal, fast spreading fire on the 400{}block of Delta Street around 1:30 p.m.. The flames quickly engulfed the house causing the roof to collapse. The fire also damaged the roof and side of a second house.

      As firefighters fought it through heavy smoke,{}Bray's sisters{}came running to the scene to see if their brother made it out.

      "They just said he's in there," said Shirley Parson, his sister. She{}was{}hoping he was still alive.

      A few hours later, she and others learned he'd died.

      His neighbors say they'll missing seeing him on his daily walks.

      "He's gonna be missed. He's like a fixture. You expect to see him, you know," said Garrett Mosley, a neighbor.

      This is the sixth fire death in Birmingham this year.