Birmingham man says penis mistakenly amputated during circumcision operation, files lawsuit

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. A Birmingham man went into a hospital for a circumcision in June, but left without a body part. Lawyers are involved. There's a malpractice claim. Lawyers for Johnny Lee Banks, Junior are taking a medical team at this hospital to court. Banks is in his 50s and was getting a circumcision to avoid a potential infection related to a medical condition.

[Read the full complaint filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court]

John P. Graves wants Princeton Baptist Medical Center, two medical entities and two doctors to pay for what his client considers a mistake."The family was given no reason, rationale or medical purpose behind the amputation," said Graves.Graves' client, Banks, Jr. accuses doctors of cutting off his penis when he only expected a circumcision. "I think Mister Banks' damages and injuries are accruing as we speak. There is no telling how long it's going to take if he can recover from this," added Graves. Banks' lawyer says his client is in pain."Pure hell. Absolute devastation," added Graves. The suit was filed this week. He wants the legal action to get questions answered."We want to know why this happened. We want to know how this happened. We want to know what sort of procedures were supposed to be in place to prevent this from happening so it does not happen to somebody else," added Graves.Graves asked for copies of Banks' medical records two weeks ago. he acknowledges federal law slows down the process, but is depending on the documents to give details.{} "It should be in the medical records. The family should have been informed about it. There should be pathology reports, tissue samples or a wealth of information in the medical records," added Graves.Banks did not ask for a specific amount of money for compensation. He's leaving that up to a jury. Banks is hoping the lawsuit will get the hospital talking. A spokeswoman for the hospital did not want to talk to ABC 33/40 on camera, but did give a statement:"We have reviewed the allegations set forth in the Complaint against Baptist Health System, Inc., and find them to be non-meritorious," said Kate DeWitt Darden. "We intend to defend all counts aggressively. At this time, we cannot comment further on this pending litigation."{}