Birmingham Metro a destination for food lovers

"We now see food trucks. We see great lunch places. We see white tabled clothed restaurants. We see folks doing interesting and dynamic catering," said Chris Hastings, Chef and Co-Owner of Birmingham Hot N' Hot Fish Club.{}In an interview with ABC 33/40's Larry Miller, Hastings says the culinary scene in Birmingham has undergone a renaissance thanks to a vast selection of restaurants and people hungry for bold flavors. David Rickey, with the Birmingham Business Alliance, says additional food options have a direct impact on one's quality of life. {}He says the added options get people invested in their communities.{}"We are seeing the kind of restaurants coming in that people say that's the kind of place I want to visit. That's the kind of place I want to do business with," said Rickey. {}{}Analysts expect the metro to get even more saturated with culinary options. It's a win-win for Birmingham and those looking to try new and exciting foods. {}For hose considering opening a restaurant, Hastings says you have to be able to match creative ideas with a business savvy approach.{}"You've got to be very consistent. {}You need to provide good, quality food," said Hastings.{}