Birmingham native depicted in new "Monuments Men" film

Charles Posey (

Deep in Elmwood Cemetery in Block 27, under the waving American flag and tucked away in the rows of head stones, there's a gravesite that Charles Posey hasn't visited in 15 years.

"Very low key," he said. "He was a very conscientious, good man."

The grave belongs to his uncle, Robert Kelley Posey.

A local boy from Birmingham who graduated from Auburn University with a degree in architectural engineering.

During World War II, about 20 years later, that degree came in handy.

"It's very gratifying to know what he accomplished," Posey said.

Not only what he accomplished, but what he helped to save, which was centuries and centuries worth of art.

"It's a good feeling," Posey said.

Posey served as Monuments Officer. One of the handful of military men tasked with finding and protecting artwork that had been stolen by Germany under the rule of Adolf Hitler.

A story that will soon be known to the world.

The new blockbuster, "The Monuments Men," is all about this mission. And Posey, or Richard Campbell in the film played by actor Bill Murray, is center stage.

Now 85-years-old, Charles Posey remembers and is proud of the man his uncle was. He's also appreciative of what he did for his country and the world.

"Good to know that the right things have been done about a many wrong things that had been done," Posey said.

A man and his unit who were and continue to be...monumental.

"God bless you all," Posey said. "We're indebted to you."

"The Monuments Men" is now in theaters everywhere.