The Birmingham News starts new schedule

Starting this week, The Birmingham News will only be available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The change is due to fewer subscriptions and not everyone is ready for it.

Walk into any coffee shop and this is what you'll probably see. Paper down, Internet up. Many Americans, now turning to technology for their news. It's one reason The Birmingham News will start this week, printing three days a week instead of seven.

Joe Woodfin says{}"I think anytime you lose something, it's sad." Not everyone has a computer or likes to read news on-line. Minerva Burgos says{}"I like having my paper in the morning with my coffee." Her{}family is not happy about the change, saying their bill went up to renew their subscription. "75-percent cut for a raise in price, I don't think so."

But many people would rather go to{} for their news, mostly the younger generation. Alabama Media Group President Cindy Martin told us back in May, there will be more on-line material and papers Wednesday, Friday and Sunday will be more robust. Still, Woodfin says "I don't think it will have the quality it always had."

THe news has generated a lot of feedback on our ABC 33/40 facebook page, both for and against the change. While some say they read the news on-line, others worry about how it will affect older adults. Some worry they might get behind on the times. Woodfin says I'll have to look at more news on TV."

{}Alabama Media Group President, Cindy Martin, is expected to give us more details Monday.