Birmingham Pastor Reaches Milestone

{} {} This is the 40th year of preaching for Dr. Quinton Earl Hammond.{} Thirty-four of those years were spent at Antioch Baptist Church.{} Today, members wore black tee-shirts which boast how they feel about their beloved pastor.{} The shirts read, "We love our Pastor." Meanwhile, the Pastor of the church sports a tee-shirt that reads, "I love my church."{} Congregants wore the tee-shirts at 8 AM and 11 AM services.{}

{}{}{} Reverend Hammond's achievements are being celebrated at a black-tie Gala planned for August 8th 2014 at the Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham. A special "Love Day" is planned for October 5th.

{}{}{} "He is an awesome man of God and great worker in the City of Birmingham and throughout the community of Pratt City, "said Franchetti DeLaine in a press release. "{}

{}{}{} "It was nothing I came up with; it was something they came up with.{} They gave a "I love my Pastor shout-out. It was like a high school pep-rally, "said Pastor Hammonds.

{}{}{}{} Kennethy Holmes, has attended the church for 20 years. "He's taught me to love. He's taught me to forgive. I've applied all those lessons to my life, and I'm a much better person because of those things."{}{}{}

{}{}{}{} After 40 years of preaching and mentoring 14 ministers, is this pastor thinking about retirement? No, not just yet. "I told them when I retire, I'm just going to call one of them and say, 'Hey-I'm coming by your church today.{} I'm preaching!'"

{}{}{}{} Hammonds offers Bible study classes at the church, almost every day of the week.{} But his real joy comes from watching people's lives change for the better. Said the Pastor, "People come to see us when they are down.{} And to see those lives change for the better.{} That's very rewarding to me."