Birmingham Police are investigating shooting in Ensley

A man is in the hospital following a shooting in Ensley. Birmingham Police are trying to find out what led to the shots being fired.

"We were sitting there just chilling."

Altra Kemp was visiting with her daughter Saturday evening when they heard screams for help coming from next door.

Arethea Kirk says, "We heard the shooting and as we got up and looked out the door we seen a heavy set guy running from the side of this house. She{}saw the other dude with a gun. I got on my phone and dialed 911."

Birmingham Police arrived to her neighbors house on Avenue I where they began investigating a shooting. The victim was taken to UAB hospital with unknown injuries.

While police have released very few details, Arethea Kirk, who has lived in the neighborhood 13 years, is concerned about what she saw.

"It's sad, very sad because you know you got to think about other folks like when you're shooting."

What happened brought tears to her mother's eyes. Kemp says "You have to stand up in your neighborhood, stand up for your children. We got these children coming along.{}It hurts so bad, for things to happen like this."

Kirk says she heard shots fired in the area a week ago and wants to violence to stop.

"It's unnecessary, go back to the old school way and fist fight. Go about your business and squash it. What are guns going to prove?"

No arrest has been made in this case as police are still trying to find out more information.