Birmingham police make prostitution bust at Roebuck spa for second time in three weeks

Top (l-r): Eun Hug Heo, 38, Kyoung Hee Yoo, 34; Bottom (l-r): Chong Ok LeBlanc, 59, and Xingyue Xu, 36.

Less than three weeks after five suspects were arrested in a prostitution bust at a spa in Roebuck, Birmingham police have arrested four women at the same location in another vice operation.

Eun Hug Heo, 38, Kyoung Hee Yoo, 34, Xingyue Xu, 36 and Chong Ok LeBlanc, 59, were arrested Wednesday at Bali Spa located at 9533 Parkway East by vice detectives with the Birmingham Police Department.

LeBlanc was charged with operating a house of prostitution, Yoo and Xu were charged with residing in a house of prostitution and Heo was charged with soliciting prostitution. The suspects have addresses from various states.

Police raided the spa 19 days ago and arrested four women and a man on charges of loitering for prostitution and drugs as well as operating a house of prostitution.

Five arrested at Bali Spa on April 19:{} Top (l-r): Soon Ae Carado, Mi Young Knichel; Center: Joshua Palmer; Bottom (l-r): Buy Park, Soon Lim.