Birmingham police asking people to stay away from crash site

Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper is asking people who don't live or work near the UPS crash site to stay away from the area. A federal investigation is underway to determine what caused the flight from Louisville to crash killing two pilots, and local crews are assessing damage to nearby houses.

The NTSB Go-Team is expected to arrive in Birmingham at 11 a.m. to begin the on-site investigation into what went wrong and why the flight quickly lost altitude to crash in field just short of the landing strip.

A spokesperson for the Mayor's Office says no distress calls came into the tower shortly before the early morning crash.

Sources say the runway that the pilots were attempting to use was short for a aircraft of that size.

Birmingham police began receiving phone calls about hearing a series of loud booms around 4:45 a.m.. Initially, there were no reports of damage to nearby houses. But reports are now coming in about rooftop damage on the 200 block of Tarrant Huffman Road.

Some roads near the 8900 block of Airport Report are closed.