Birmingham police, churches walk and pray in Powderly

Birmingham Police and local churches were out and about, Saturday, praying for the city.

It was sponsored by Prayer for United. The group invited people to join the police department and Police Chief A. C. Roper.

Saturday's walk was in the Powderly neighborhood and followed a service and singing.

Participants walked for about a mile to help spark change.

"We recognize that the police department cannot be successful by itself," Roper said. "But, it's going to take our business community, going to take the schools [and] our faith community all working together to make Birmingham a safer city. So, once a month, we come out and we go into a different neighborhood of Birmingham and have a prayer walk. And we are so excited about the turnout and what people bring when they come out."

This is the latest of a handful of Birmingham prayer walks to help uplift the city's spirits. The program has been in force for about four years.