Birmingham Police cracking down on reckless gunfire

Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper (

Birmingham Police are on patrol New Years Eve looking for people celebrating the New Year with gunfire. 100 extra officers are out patrolling areas to keep people safe. Many officers are on patrol are from special units and task forces, working on their off day to make a difference in the community.

Operation Crackdown started with a prayer before officers found out their assignments. Police are targeting areas where citizens have previously complained about celebratory gunfire. Chief A.C. Roper says some people even sleep in bathtubs on this night because they're afraid of where the bullets might land. Sergeant Tim McCord says since this operation began a few years ago, he's seen a decrease in rapid gunfire.

Chief Roper says no one has been injured by gunfire since Operation Crackdown started. Officers will be out patrolling until 2-am.

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