Birmingham police implements new neighborhood enforcement task force

It's no secret that Birmingham homicides have been a topic of discussion lately, and police are taking a proactive approach in curbing violent crimes with the implementation of a new task force called Neighborhood Enforcement Team (N.E.T.).

N.E.T. was out in full force Friday evening, making their presence be felt and sometimes heard in area neighborhoods with high crime rates.

The idea for the unit came when Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper asked for a solution to problems in various neighborhood housing projects with the goal of controlling crime in each individual community.

Since N.E.T.'s inception three weeks ago, team leader Sgt. Marcel Walker says it's been a success.

"We put over 500 people in jail, over 140 something felony warrants. We seized over $10,000 and over 70 guns," says Walker.

N.E.T. made two drug arrests tonight at Valley Brook Apartments in East Lake then responded to a shooting at a nearby location.

The unit plans on adding more people and vehicles in the future.