Matt Pitt takes 45-foot fall from grace while fleeing from police

Photo from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office showing Matt Pitt being arrested by Birmingham police Tuesday night. (JCSO)

New details have emerged regarding the events leading up to the Tuesday night arrest of embattled youth pastor Matt Pitt.

According to Birmingham Police Sgt. Johnny Williams, Pitt made a perilous decision during his feverish haste to elude officers giving chase to the fugitive wanted on a charge of impersonating a peace officer.

While driving away from a local television station on Red Mountain, where he gave an animated and convoluted interview professing his innocence of the aforementioned felony crime, the 30-year-old founder and unquestioned leader of The Basement encountered police, prompting him to dart from his vehicle and lead authorities in a foot pursuit. After avoiding an officer's deployed taser, Pitt continued to flee and proceeded to jump from a cliff southeast of Vulcan, plummeting 45 feet to a ditch alongside 20th Street South. Unfortunately for the evangelist, his death-defying act of desperation was met by officers and Jefferson County sheriff's deputies awaiting at the base.

Police quickly hand-cuffed the sweaty, bruised and battered Pitt then placed him in the custody of sheriff's deputies, who whisked him away to the Jefferson County Jail.

Williams says a Birmingham police sergeant requested medical personnel to examine Pitt at the scene but later canceled the order after deputies informed him that they would provide the suspect treatment. Despite initial reports of a struggle between police and the suspect, Williams says no officer reported using any force on Pitt, who is now being held in the Shelby County Jail for violating terms of his probation stemming from a misdemeanor attempting to impersonate a peace officer conviction in September 2012.

The jailed minister to the youth was ordered to undergo drug testing by a Shelby Co. judge Wednesday, though, the results of which will remain privy to that of only the district attorney.

Pitt has denied all charges. His mother, Missy Pitt, said the following on Twitter one day after her son's whirlwind night:

"Please pray for my precious son!! Bruised and broken leg and possible broken ribs."

Authorities have not released any information regarding injuries Pitt may have sustained in his run from the law.