Birmingham police: No charges to be filed against mom who mistakenly reported her son missing

Jaderian Holloway

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- Birmingham police announced today that no charges will be filed against a woman who reported her 5-year-old son missing, forgetting that she let one of her cousins take the boy late Sunday night. According to Lt. Sean Edwards, April Holloway filed a missing persons report Monday morning, and she told police she had not seen her son -- Jaderian Holloway -- for several hours. Later in the day, around 5:30 p.m., the relative of April Holloway who had the boy called the authorities to inform them that Jaderian was safe, explaining that she took the boy because his mother was too intoxicated. Edwards said April Holloway didn't recall allowing her son to go with her cousin. The Department of Human Resources later removed Jaderian and his older brother, 14, from their mother's custody. Police consulted with the local court magistrate before ultimately deciding not to charge the woman for child endangerment. "It is in DHR hands from this point," Edwards said in a release.