Birmingham Police officers remember Officer Keary Hollis

Birmingham Police remembered the life of Keary Hollis. He was shot Saturday night, on Bush Boulevard. The vigil was held at the West Precinct.Birmingham's men and women in blue lit candles and prayed remembering the life of Officer Keary Hollis.This was his patrol car - number 439. {}"The women and men of this police department who every day put their lives on the line every day so that we might have civil liberties," Birmingham Councilman Marcus Lundy said.Hollis' Sergeant tells us - his legacy was laughter. "He had a way of conveying his heart and his true joy to people," Sgt. Bryan Shelton, Birmingham Police said.{}"He will be well missed not only by his family and friends but by the police department," Antosha Ardis, a friend said.West Precinct officers say Keary knew well how to smile even during pain. {}"In this job we experience a lot of bad," Shelton said. "We pick up a lot of other people's children. We experience a lot of death and disgust and people only call us really when something bad happens. But he had a way of talking to people and getting down on their level, empathize with people. That's what Keary Hollis taught me was how to empathize with people.""Just about a month ago, we sat in the car and we were attending a conference," Hollis' Lieutenant said. "Keary said, Lieutenant, I want to change my life. I want to give my life to Jesus.""We'll chase people across three states looking for murderers, but when it happens to you and happens to your family, it changes your perspective on things," Shelton said. "That's the biggest thing now is we have a new perspective and a new heartfelt joy about the life we live."{}
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