Birmingham Police prepare for spring break

Sgt. Johnny Williams, Birmingham Police Department. (

Next week is spring break for Birmingham City Schools. More free time equals more worry for parents and police.

Some parents says safety is top of mind because of the shooting that happened Sunday at Railroad Park.

Police say everyone must be vigilant over the next week to make sure a similar situation doesn't happen; particularly in public places where teenagers tend hang out. Birmingham Police Sergeant Johnny Williams says the department's plan is similar to the one used during the summer months.

Look for an increase in police presence on the streets. There are{} plans to beef up task force patrol, and place school resource officers, who would normally be in schools, on the streets as well.

Williams says they will also enforce the curfew hours: no person under seventeen on the streets between 10 pm and 6 am Sunday through Thursday. 12 am to 6 am Friday and Saturday. But Williams says police can't do it alone. They need parents help.

"You know they get bored. They're looking for things to do. So try to come up with some plans. And if they have to go to work try to check on their kids periodically to know what's going on with them," says Williams.

Williams wants to remind parents that they will be the ones receiving a ticket if their child is caught out after curfew.