Birmingham Police say Violent Crimes Task Force is making strides

Birmingham Police Department's Violent Crimes Task Force has arrested hundreds of suspects wanted in crimes ranging from robberies to murders. (

A new Violent Crimes Task Force is making a big difference for Birmingham Police.{}{}{} {}It's helped the department make hundreds of arrests in cases from robbery to capital murder. ACrime Reduction Team is part of that task force.Months after an emotional press conference from Birmingham Police Chief, A.C. Roper, The creation of the Birmingham Police Department's Violent Crimes Task Force is now netting hundreds of criminals."This violent crimes task force, it all works together." It's a combination of several teams, including the Crime Reduction Team.. which Sergeant Chris Anderson oversees. "Because of the restructuring, we have been able to consolidate things and bring things closer to home. My guys usually handle things in Birmingham." {}Sgt. Anderson says the formation of the Neighborhood Enforcement Team has been a tremendous asset in helping CRT investigators make more arrests. "Forming the NET team actually freed up the CRT Team to do more work at what they specialize and what they're trained for. The NET team goes into those areas. We go do our warrants and it all works together hand in hand."Before the NET team was formed, Sgt. Anderson says the Crime Reduction Team was handling everything that team is now doing, going out to the streets and staying there. Investigators would still have to work the cases too. "That ends up burning out your guys."Now tasks are shared and teams can split up the focus. Sgt. Anderson says,{} "To me, it's ingenious."The crime strategy is good news for the grand-daughter of a homicide victim killed in March. Jamiese Lucious says,{} "Just to know they're out here looking for crime and trying to crack down on crime, it makes me feel better about the situation." And residents are also glad to hear progress is being made. Patrick King says, "We don't want to be seen as a city where we have homicides and crime. Them stepping up and cracking down is a great thing."Sergeant Anderson says the task force has made around 800 arrests so far. He says because crime is constantly changing, the police department has to constantly change with it.