Birmingham Police taking on another enemy... the heat

The{}heat can be deadly. It's an enemy the Birmingham Police Department now finds itself contending with in order to keep people safe.

"Normally we get the calls and have to answer the problem. This way we go out looking for the problem," said Officer Frank Foster.

Thursday's problem? The hundred plus degree temperature.

"Bay Avenue{}Southwest on elderly welfare check," he radioed into dispatch.

Officer Frank covered his patrol Thursday checking on some familiar faces sitting on their front porches.

"How are you doing? Got the a/c fixed yet?," he asked one man.

"Got water, power, all good?,"{}the officer asked another.{}

Operation Welfare Check will continue through Sunday. Birmingham police will be checking on seniors to ensure they have water and a cool place to stay safe from the deadly heat.

"We got a cooling station at Ensley rec center. They might be able to hook you up," Officer Foster told one woman who needed a fan.

"With the elderly. especially as hot as it's going to be through the week, a lot of them are prideful and don't want to ask for help. But if you offer it, they'll take it," he said.

The seniors all seem to{}take it with a smile and thanks.

"It's nice for them to check on us because some people don't have no one," said Ed Moore, one of Foster's checks.

If you know of someone in Birmingham who could be in danger from the heat, call the Birmingham Police Department and an officer can be sent out to check on them during the day.