Birmingham Police warn against celebratory gunfire

If your{}July 4th celebrations will last into the night in Birmingham, you need to know the rules.{} Fireworks and celebratory gunfire are illegal.

The Birmingham{}Police Department will{}utilize its Shot Spotter system to target offenders.{}Extra-officers will also{}be on patrol.{} Police say if you're caught shooting fireworks or a gun,{}you will be arrested.{} "We really want to combat celebratory gunfire. A lot of people still like to celebrate by discharging their weapons into the air. It is illegal. It is very dangerous.{} You can kill someone or seriously injure someone," said Sgt. Johnny Williams.

The Shot Spotter technology is able to detect the difference between a gunshot and a firework pop.

If you hear any celebratory gunfire in your neighborhood, police ask you contact them immediately.