Birmingham Police warn of vehicle thefts and break-ins

The Birmingham Police Department reports that a large number of vehicle thefts are attributed to citizens leaving vehicles unattended with the keys in the car. {}{}

Many times thieves take opportunities that are presented to them by victims who unknowingly create ideal situations. Many car thefts and break-ins can be prevented if citizens take the following precautions:

Tips from police to avoid car thefts and break-ins:

Never leave your vehicle running and unattended while in your home or in a store. This has become one of the most common forms of stolen vehicles. Park in a well lit area at night or when shopping.

Equip your vehicle with an anti-theft device.

Close all windows and lock all doors.

Keep your tag number and vehicle identification number in your wallet.

Don't leave valuables in plain view.

Don't leave GPS mounts attached to windows.

After shopping, don't leave packaging of expensive gifts in the front of your residence for garbage pick-up. If possible, break down the packaging and place it in garbage bags or cans. You can also transport packaging to area land fields for disposal.

With the extremely cold temperatures, we have had a number of vehicle thefts as a result of citizens allowing vehicles to run in an effort to warm the car while the vehicle is unattended.

In a large number of cases, citizens leave their keys in their vehicle as they go into a convenience store to make a purchase or pay for gas. We want to continue the partnership in reducing crime. If someone suspects that a vehicle break-in or theft is taking place, contact police immediately.

Source:{} Release from the Birmingham Police Department