Birmingham police warn people about fireworks and gunfire

Birmingham Police warns people about celebratory fireworks and gunfire.{}

The Birmingham Police Department announces today that an operation aimed at reducing the unlawful use of fireworks and discharging of firearms within the City Limits will take place on the days surrounding the 4th of July holiday.{}This operation will take an aggressive approach at targeting those individuals that choose to take part in the use of fireworks and the reckless behavior of discharging firearms as a form of celebration.

The Birmingham Police Department will have additional officers and support personnel out in force to help combat and enforce the fireworks and firearms ordinances of the city. {}The operation will utilize the shot spotter system as well as citizen complaints to target offenders. Officers will also be placed in strategic locations throughout the city to address the illegal activity.{}

If you see someone firing a gun, call the police.{} If a stray bullet from your gun should hit or kill someone, you will be arrested and charged with felony assault or murder.{} Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper states, "Our goal is to help ensure citizen's have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend without the fear of injury from illegal behavior".