Birmingham Protesters Join National Movement to Protest Federal Immigration Policies

{}{}{}{} Birmingham was one of 400 cities to have participated in what the group claims is the largest anti-amnesty nation-wide protest in history.{} The group calls themselves "Make Them Listen."{} They took to the streets expressing frustration with the federal government's stance on immigration. Using Facebook to get the word out, they staged a national day of protesting against immigration reform, amnesty and border surge. {}{}{} Car horns blared and beeped in response to the "no amnesty" and "no illegal immigrants period" signs.{} More than two dozen people rallied on the grassy area on Highway 280 in front of Bryant Bank and Wal-Mart.{}{}{} It was the second day in a row that protesters waved, held American flags, and wore hats and clothing that read, "Don't tread on me."{}{}{} Organizer Deanna Frankowski said, "We are anti-illegal immigration. We want no amnesty. We first need to close our border. We have a national security issue going on, as well as a health issue. First close the border, stop the surge, and then we can talk about dealing with changing the laws and giving legal status to the people who are already here."{}{}{} Protests took place at state capitols, Mexican consulates, on streets and overpasses from Hawaii to Alaska. Email addresses are being collected. More rallies might be staged in the future.{} A few people gave the group a thumbs-down gesture, and some illegal immigrants confronted the Birmingham protesters, but overall, protests have been peaceful.