Birmingham polling information, district maps for August elections

      Some voters in Birmingham{}will experience new polling locations and district candidate option during the August 27 elections.{}

      Election officials changed the district boundaries because{}of population changes, which is a requirement under the law.{}

      For polling information use the links below:

      The Jefferson County Board of Registrars for polling locations or may access the information (available July 19, 2013): (Interactive site for maps of precincts and polling

      locations) (On-line query for individual

      voter polling place assignments)

      It is important to note that this election will be the first combined election for the Mayor, Council

      and the Board of Education. Several polling locations will host voters from more than one

      district. Thirty-two polling locations will host voters from two different districts. Eight locations will

      host voters from three different districts.

      For the new district lines maps use the link below: