Birmingham residents attend rallies supporting Missouri teenager shot by police

People in the Magic City stood in support of the Missouri teen killed by police. Some protestors in Birmingham are joining criticism of how police in Missouri have handled protests there.

The rallies for Michael Brown are not unique to Birmingham. One person's social media post morphed into thousands. People all over the nation are making a statement through silence.

It's become a universal sign for some to beg police not to hurt them.

"I've never seen such a breach of our constitutional rights. I felt like we needed to do something," said Jennifer Murray.

Murray organized a rally to support Michael Brown's family. Ferguson, Missouri police shot and killed the 18 year old last weekend.

"I got upset. I was angry. I felt helpless," added Murray.

The police chief says Brown posed a threat to the officer. Hundreds in Missouri marched through the streets of Ferguson protest the police department's response.

People in cities all over the country, including some at Kelly Ingram Park, are also sending a message.

"We are united with our fellow Americans. We are standing with them. We are praying for them. We support them," added Murray.

The social media call for action prompted another Brown rally at Lynn park.

"I am tired of being quiet. I m tired of being quiet. I think it's sad that we are dealing with this again," said Aija Penix.

Penix had to be there. She's vocal and loud, so wanted to be visual.

"Numbers matter. People need to see people who care about them. I think the world is full of people who feel like nobody cares. Because people feel nobody cares they act like nobody cares," added Penix.

The rallies consisted of people praying, sharing a moment of silence and hearing speakers.