Birmingham School Board getting ready for accrediting body review

Birmingham Schools are making progress getting off probation. School leaders say they've got the data ready to show evidence of changes they've made.It's a New Year filled with encouragement for the Birmingham School Board.Superintendent Craig Witherspoon hopeful the district will get off probation. "We've been spending the last several months making sure we've tightened processes and systems so we're able to demonstrate that we are an efficient functioning school system and we will continue to move forward for the benefit of students."The school board has stayed in contact with Sacs AdvancED. A review team from the accrediting body will visit the district in March. Witherspoon says "They will interview staff, they will interview other stake holders to answer the things we said we were going to do, we are indeed doing."Documents will also be reviewed as well as finances, including how the one month's reserve fund is looking.

"We've already exceeded the halfway mark to obtaining that 17 million required, so that's part of the process monitoring."School Board President, Randall Woodfin, says the board is on the right track. "I'm encouraged, my colleagues are encouraged, and I believe the community is also encouraged and all those benchmarks advanced has put in place, we're meeting them."Witherspoon says the board should get a response from the review team on its progress 45 to 60 days after the visit.

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