Birmingham schools to see less of intervention team

Progress comes slowly, but, it is coming to Birmingham City Schools.

Tuesday, September 10, the Birmingham Board of Education will vote to approve a new school budget. The budget will bring the district into compliance with the state's financial requirements. By the end of the 2014 budget year, the school will have more than one month's reserve in the bank. It was the lack of those reserve finances that forced a state takeover of the school system in 2012.

Dr. Ed Richardson has served as the state's chief financial officer during the intervention. He told abc3340 that after next Tuesday's board meeting, the state intervention team's work basically will be complete.

Richardson will continue to approve board meeting agendas and be present for those meetings until the system comes out from under state intervention, possibly as late as September 2014.

Richardson said there are issues yet to be resolved. The biggest burden now hanging over the system is being placed on two years accredited probation by SACS - the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. SACS flagged the board of education for putting its own wants before those of the children of the system. A newly elected board, including six new members and three incumbents,{}will{}be sworn{}in next month.