Birmingham Superintendent in office for another two years

Dr. Craig Witherspoon gets to keep his job as the Birmingham Schools Superintendent for another two years, the Board of Education decided Tuesday night. (

A recovery plan for Birmingham Schools is on hold and the Superintendent seat - for the next two years- is filled after a marathon meeting. Dr. Craig Witherspoon gets to keep his job for another two years, but his contract has a few changes. Dr. Witherspoon will no longer receive the annual three percent pay increase, but he will receive any state mandated raises. He will also have evaluations and if he gets a good rating, an extra year will be added to his contract. The board tabled on exactly how to handle that evaluation. But if they fire him without cause, the district will pay out the rest of his contract plus provide full retirement benefits. Dr. Witherspoon - was of course - there throughout this lengthy discussion over his contract. He told us, hearing everyone's opinion wasn't easy, but part of the job. "It's part of the process, so again, my focus is how do we continue to improve the school system working on the things that we know will move us forward and continue to build on the successes we've had," Dr. Craig Witherspoon, Birmingham Superintendent said. "That's what keeps {}me going.""The reason I abstained is because I haven't seen in writing that says we are clear from the court order to discuss this," Virginia Volker, Board member said. "So how do we know that someone won't come back and put that on us?"Also, state appointed Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Ed Richardson, was expected to present phases two and three of the financial recovery plan. The board must cut $12 million from its budget- which could mean layoffs and school consolidations - even closures. But Dr. Richardson said they simply aren't ready yet. He wanted to wait until a superintendent was in place - as well as make sure they know exactly which employees and campuses will be impacted before the plan is finalized.