Birmingham to sell unused ballpark land for $3 million

Council President Roderick Royal (

The city of Birmingham could soon have an extra $3 million to work with. But how will it be spent?

According to Chuck Faush, with the Mayor's office, when the ballpark was first thought up, the city bought enough land, not knowing how it was going to be built.

Now that they know what the final product is going to look like, the city is getting ready to sell a piece of the un-used land to Inland American Communities Acquisitions for a price tag of $3 million.

Once it's bought, that money will go to the city and it will determine how to use it.

The Mayor's Office has requested millions more for the stadium for things like a beer garden and an ice cream parlor to go inside the stadium. But, Council President Roderick Royal says the city has already given $64 million for the project, and he's not ancy to shell out any more.

"The action that the council has already taken...the stadium is a forgone conclusion," he said. "The Barons coming is a forgone conclusion. The issue now is to try to make sure that you make the best investment we possibly could have made."