Birmingham's winter neighborhood clean up

Birmingham city workers caused quite a commotion in the Thomas community Tuesday. The sounds of weed whackers and lawn mowers caught some neighbors off guard. The city is finally taking care of those neighbor's complaints about overgrown properties.

Neighbors say they've complained for years about abandoned properties.Tuesday, new lawnmowers and bushhogs swept through thirty overgrown lots in the Thomas neighborhood. The mayor says the equipment worth millions of dollars made it possible and easier to answer those complaints.

"It gives them hope, a sense of not being abandoned and that's the message we want to send- working together, we can improve the quality of our neighborhood," said Mayor William Bell.

The yard work doesn't end Tuesday. Crews will move on to more unkept properties neighborhood by neighborhood. They hope to get ahead of the work before spring when everything starts growing again.

The crews are working off an overgrown property priority list. The mayor says it's based on how long the property has been a problem and its condition.