Birth control pill linked to Multiple Sclerosis

A new study finds a link between birth control pills and Multiple Sclerosis.Researchers in Argentina identified more than 300 women who were previously diagnosed with M. S. They compared them to more than 3,000 women who did not have it. Results show women who had used contraceptives were 35% more likely to develop M. S. than those who did-not use them.Dr. Mary Rensel, who treats Multiple Sclerosis patients at Cleveland Clinic says, "There are a lot of things that seem to go into what we call autoimmune diseases- M. S. is one of those.{} We actually do not know the cause of M. S. There seems to be contributors. There's genetics, there's environments, there's some body's weight, and maybe medications that they've taken we don't know that for sure."Doctors say this study is not enough to tell women to stop using birth control pills, but they say more studies need to be done to look into the effects.