BJC Animal Control awarded custody of Pleasant Grove pit bulls

The owner of 20 neglected Pleasant Grove pit bulls signed over the ownership rights of the dogs to BJC Animal Control Wednesday.{}

Derrick Harris was arrested in Bessemer June 6 and{}faces 19 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, unlawful possession of controlled substances, and{}possession of drug paraphernalia.{}

The dogs were removed from Harris' house on 1009{}11th Street{}March 29th. Investigators said several dogs had no food, water or shelter. They were underfed, and some had collars embedded in their necks.

According to BJCAC employees, BJC Animal Control and the Greater Birmingham Humane Society will start a release evaluation process Thursday to{}get a better idea of how each dogwill be placed, either as rescue or adoption candidates.{}

Harris' trial date is scheduled for June 26, according to Pleasant Grove police.{}Harris is a postal worker in Bessemer.{}