BJCC Board meets to discuss Entertainment District

The BJCC Board is ready to move on to the next step concerning the Entertainment District.

Wednesday, the board met to discuss the progress that's being made in the Entertainment District concerning new projects, like the Westin Hotel, which is in the middle of construction.

But the progress was discussed in an executive session. BJCC Executive Director, Tad Snyder, says right now, the next move is in the preliminary stages, but many irons are in the fire especially when it comes to possible tenants that might be moving their business to Birmingham.

"Progress on the Entertainment District, itself, with the leasing activities for the tenants, is moving along well," Snyder said. "So, we're at the point now where it's time to begin reviewing letters of intent and discussing financial terms of those leases."

Snyder says it could be weeks or even months until the board is ready to vote on the next phase.