Alabama suspends some block seating for rivalry game against Tennessee

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) - University of Alabama officials have suspended block seating privileges of 20 student organization after some seating sections emptied out early during last week's game against Arkansas.

Officials told the suspensions will only be in effect during Saturday's game against Tennessee.

Leela Foley, the Student Government Association press secretary, said the SGA will not release the names of suspended groups.

However, the block seating suspension means the majority of the South end zone will be open for free-for-all student seating Saturday.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban has been critical of fans leaving games early.

Statement from the the SGA:

"After review of footage of the student section from the Arkansas game, approximately 20 student organizations have had their seating suspended for this Saturday. Those organizations have been notified via email. The sections that were suspended will be opened up to all students. We will not be releasing a list of organizations who were suspended. The following are the rows in SOS sections open to all students for the Tennessee game:OPEN SEATING ROWS:{} S-4 rows 18-46; S-5 rows 16-28, 36-46; S-6 rows 30-37, 41-43; S-7 rows 10-22, 28-50"Open rows in SOS sections will be marked as "OPEN SEATING" on the bleachers. This is the first offense of these organizations, so as outlined in the Student Organization Seating handbook, the organizations will get their section back for the LSU game. SGA will continue to monitor Student Organization Seating and encourage all students to stay for all four quarters of football games."

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