Bluff Park Art Show celebrates 50th year

For five decades, the first Saturday in October has been the day for "The South's Leading One-Day Art Show."{}

If you haven't been to the Bluff Park Art Show recently, here's a chance to see what you've missed.

Inside the Georgine Clark Alabama Artists Gallery in Montgomery, you'll find a collection devoted to the fifty year history.

"We have all sorts of quality art, we have statuary, clay -- two dimensional, three dimensional, and all of them are top quality artists," says Herb Patterson, who has served on the Bluff Park Art Association for the last fifteen years.

For Patterson, looking all of this art from the last five decades, it's difficult to pick a favorite piece. "These are big works of art! We had a few more to hang, but we ran out of wall space," says Patterson. "My favorite artists is Jack Deloney, and he has an original hanging right over there from a show in the 1970s."

"We've been honored to come exhibit 44 works from our permanent collection of 105 items. These are all Alabama artists here," Patterson says.

Gallery director, Elliot Knight points out how the different works have stood the test of time.

"This has been a very special exhibit for us, because these pieces of art work are typically on display in Hoover, in municipal buildings and schools. So people who don't frequent those buildings don't often have a chance to see this work," Knight explains.He goes on to say, "It's very hard to just look and say, 'oh that one is from 40-years-ago', and 'this is one from this last decade'. They really can go well together, and we've been able to arrange them so they aren't grouped by year, but more by style or formal elements within the pieces."The oldest artwork in the gallery dates from 1969. The exhibit also features the most recent winner. The 2013 edition of the Bluff Park Art Show will have a record number of artists -- 144. Beth Johns, president Bluff Park Art Association, says being recognized as one of the top ten "Things to do in Alabama" for 2013, gives her a sense that this year's show will be the biggest yet. "Our mission is to promote the arts. So, we'll be around the first Saturday of October. The best thing we can do, is do the show. And the show is on Saturday," says Johns.

Rain is in the forecast. If the show is rained out, the make up date is Sunday.