Bluff Park parents petition Hoover City Council to stop re-zoning

{}A proposal to re-zone Bluff Park schools is unpopular with parents. It's one of eight schools being considered in a re-assignment plan. Monday night, parents petitioned the city council - hoping to keep their children from being moved. A proposal to change their children's schools, has Bluff Park parents upset."I moved there intentionally because I wanted my child to go to Bluff Park Elementary," Kurt Posey, a Bluff Park Parent said.A couple closed door meetings, kept media out, but let parents talk directly to school leaders."Everybody, regardless of their children's situation is interested in it if for no other reason than it will eventually effect property values," Guy Locker, a Bluff Park Parent said.Superintendent Andy Craig says it's a proposal to align the district with anticipated growth. Parents told us driving time to new campuses is five time farther."A round trip in school traffic, one way, would be about a 45 minute drive," Locker said. "So for carpool you're looking at a hour and a half round trip.""If we would slow down and really come together as a group, as a community and talk about it, and have some parent input, we might could come up with something better than moving 420 kids around," Posey said.Monday night, they asked for help from the city council."based on everything I've heard, it's more of an issue with the Board of Education but it doesn't hurt to ask anyone," Posey said. "These gentlemen appoint the Board of Education, so it would be good to talk to them about it.""As a tax payer, as a parent, and citizen, I would like to see the city council be more visible, be more active in tackling these problems," Bluff Park Parent Stephen Hertz told the Council.Mayor Gary Ivey's office told us, the city council is autonomous to the school board - and because they govern separately, there isn't much the council can do. {}"I think the more parents who voice their concerns, the Superintendent is hearing them well, and so is the school board," Jack Wright, Hoover City Council President said.The group Bluff Park united is planning a gathering this Friday to talk about where to go from here. The Hoover City School Board is expected to discuss the proposal in it's September 8th meeting. {}You can find the re-zoning map here:{}