Board members extend contract for Superintendent of Birmingham City Schools

Birmingham City Schools Superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon. (

Parents all over are getting their child's 'back to school' list together. Classes in Birmingham start August 14, 2014. The school board is also getting ready. Board members checked off a big item during the last board meeting.

Dr. Craig Witherspoon is Birmingham's top educator. He's lead Birmingham city schools four years.

"I think it is important we send the message to our school system and community that not having a merry-go-round at the superintendent's level is highly important," said School Board President Randall Woodfin.

Woodfin told ABC 33/40 board members were ready to make a decision about the superintendent's employment future.

"In terms of academic performance, we are moving in the right direction," added Woodfin.

Eight board members voted to renew Dr. Witherspoon's contract until 2018. One board member voted against it.

"We've got some things we need to do to get prepared for our school year that's coming up in august. I think we should have been more concentrated on that right now than try tying to deal with these contractual agreements," said Daagye Hendricks.

Woodfin believes leadership and stability are important for the school district. Some questioned Witherspoon's leadership in the past. Other board members tried to fire the superintendent, but the state school board intervened.

Woodfin insists things are different now.

"Those who are in a leadership position, whether it is school board members or the superintendent, everybody understands their lane and the role they play," added Woodfin.

Dr. Witherspoon's pay on the new contract remains the same as the pay on his current contract. The contract contract comes with a salary of $202,000 a year.