Bogus emergency call cost taxpayers nearly $5,000.00, Sheriff says


Ervin Hill, 21, is facing one to ten years in prison if convicted of making a series of prank phone calls to police. {}On Sunday, 18 deputies, 5 sergeants, and 1 lieutenant were called out to a Center Point home to investigate a hostage situation. {}It turns out the reported crime was a hoax.{}"It offends our deputies that some jerk would put our lives at risk," said Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale.{}The sheriff's office estimates they spent nearly $5,000.00 dollars of taxpayer money investigating the incident.{}"This is a technique that criminals use. They want to try and get us into one part of the county and they rob another part of the county," said Hale.{}The caller reportedly told investigators that he had severely beaten a woman and that the victim was being held against her will.{}Hill is also being accused of making two false robbery reports. The 21 year old is currently behind bars in the Jefferson County jail on $50,000.00 dollars bond.{}