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      Bomb threat at Gadsden Middle School

      Parents lined up Wednesday afternoon to pick their children up early from Striplin Elementary School. (abc3340.com)

      Emotions were running high Wednesday as parents at Gadsden Middle School were informed of a bomb threat made earlier in the day. {}

      "Are you okay? {}Because Mama's not, " said one parent.{}Their young children were taken to W.E. Striplin Elementary School as a safety measure and that's where parents rushed to pick up their kids who were dismissed early from school.{}" {}Reporter: {}What was going through your mind when you heard about it? {}Boston.....and not knowing what was going on," said Susan Lemley, the parent of a student who attends the school. {}Jordyn Edwards was in class when she learned something was wrong, "My mom wouldn't tell me what was happening because I would have been scared."School officials told ABC 33/40 Reporter Larry Miller that authorities didn't find any bombs but they didn't want to take any chances.{}{}"Everyone just need to stop and just pray. {}There is a lot going on," said MeKesha Beavers, {}a parent of a Gadsden Middle School student. {}Officials with the school district said no children were hurt or harmed. {}Gadsden City Police declined to answer our questions regarding the threat but officers with the department said they plan to continue their investigation until they find answers.{}