Bomb threat at Gadsden Middle School

Parents lined up Wednesday afternoon to pick their children up early from Striplin Elementary School. (

Emotions were running high Wednesday as parents at Gadsden Middle School were informed of a bomb threat made earlier in the day. {}

"Are you okay? {}Because Mama's not, " said one parent.{}Their young children were taken to W.E. Striplin Elementary School as a safety measure and that's where parents rushed to pick up their kids who were dismissed early from school.{}" {}Reporter: {}What was going through your mind when you heard about it? {}Boston.....and not knowing what was going on," said Susan Lemley, the parent of a student who attends the school. {}Jordyn Edwards was in class when she learned something was wrong, "My mom wouldn't tell me what was happening because I would have been scared."School officials told ABC 33/40 Reporter Larry Miller that authorities didn't find any bombs but they didn't want to take any chances.{}{}"Everyone just need to stop and just pray. {}There is a lot going on," said MeKesha Beavers, {}a parent of a Gadsden Middle School student. {}Officials with the school district said no children were hurt or harmed. {}Gadsden City Police declined to answer our questions regarding the threat but officers with the department said they plan to continue their investigation until they find answers.{}