Boom In Gun Sales

Some consider Alabama one of the top ranking states for gun purchases and right now business is shooting through the roof. Turns out, sales gear up every election year with many fearing they'll lose their right to buy a gun.

"I'm all for gun ownership. Steve Abbott values his right to own a gun, but wonders if tougher gun laws could be coming down the barrel following this year's election. "I think the constitution is going to protect us, but there's always a concern." It's a concern shared by many sharp shooters.

Shelly Smith with Mark's Outdoors in Hoover says "It's incredible what people have come in asking for, custom hand guns, custom long guns, semi automatics are a huge thing for people."

Gun sales have sky-rocketed at Mark's Outdoors. Hand gun sales, shooting up 54-percent and ammo sales blowing up 13-percent. Smith says "People sometimes get a little panicked." Mark's Outdoors sold 5400 guns during the first half of last year. This year they sold over a thousand more in that same time period."

Hoover Tactical Firearms thinks gun sales will really hit the high mark in August with some worrying President Obama already has an agenda. Amy Zarzour says "We've heard that he's going to try and cut out certain calibers being sold to civilians."

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain, the economy isn't putting a hole in any wallets. People are spending for leisure and protection. In Alabama, gun retailers say no one can buy a gun unless they pass a federal background check. Some of the most popular sellers are semi-automatics.